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We are thrilled to share a groundbreaking development that took center stage at the GITEX 2023 in Dubai: the unveiling of Vivaticket's innovative payment and smart access solution, proudly supported by our expert team at TBS. Specifically crafted for urban transportation, this cutting-edge solution promises to redefine how we experience commuting and access public services.

At TBS, we have garnered a reputation for our unparalleled expertise in seamless integration, a legacy reflected in the success of numerous access control projects in the global security sector. Through our collaboration with Vivaticket, we have harnessed the power of accurate biometrics and artificial intelligence to pioneer a transformative solution.

Urban transportation solutions can be revolutionized by incorporating advanced facial recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Imagine a world where commuters can seamlessly navigate public transportation networks with just a glance. This innovation eliminates the hassles associated with traditional ticketing systems, offering frictionless access and streamlined payment options. This level of convenience and efficiency is set to transform the daily commute, making it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Welcome to the future of commuting, where innovation knows no bounds.


More about TBS

TBS stands as a beacon of excellence in access and identity management. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies, TBS specializes in biometric authentication, using biometric data to enhance security solutions. Our expertise spans a wide array of products, including face recognition software, fingerprint scanners, iris scanners, and biometric time clocks. Through our access control systems, we provide robust security solutions, ensuring that organizations can manage their workforce effectively while maintaining the highest standards of security.

At its core, TBS is synonymous with innovative access control security. TBS creates solutions that empower businesses, enhancing not just their security protocols but also their overall efficiency. By incorporating biometric authentication methods, we enable precise identity management, bolstering the security of any system we touch.


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