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Transport, travel and logistics industries are constantly evolving, facing challenges such as security threats, operational efficiency, and customer experience. TBS company offers biometric solutions that not only enhance security measures but also streamline processes, improve accuracy, and elevate overall operational performance across these sectors.

Biometric Access Control SOLUTIONS in Transportation Hubs

TBS biometric solutions can be integrated into transportation hubs such as airports, train stations, bus terminals, and even in mobile applications like buses themselves. By implementing biometric access control systems, these facilities can ensure that only authorized personnel gain access to restricted areas. Face recognition, fingerprint scanners, or iris scanners can be utilized for secure and efficient entry and exit management, enhancing overall security protocols.

Passenger Identity Verification and Boarding Processes

Biometrics play a crucial role in verifying passenger identities during check-in and boarding processes. TBS solutions enable swift and accurate identity verification, reducing queues and waiting times at security checkpoints and boarding gates. Biometric facial recognition technology, in particular can be leveraged to match passengers' faces with their travel documents, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free boarding experience.

Cargo and Asset Security

In the logistics sector, TBS biometric solutions can be applied to enhance cargo and asset security. Biometric authentication methods can be used to control access to warehouses, loading docks, and inventory storage areas. This helps prevent unauthorized access and theft, safeguarding valuable goods and ensuring supply chain integrity.

Driver and Employee Management

For transportation companies, managing drivers, crew members, and employees efficiently is paramount. TBS biometric solutions offer robust workforce management systems that utilize biometric authentication for time & attendance tracking, access control to vehicle fleets, and driver identity verification. This enhances operational transparency, reduces payroll discrepancies, and promotes accountability within workforce management.


Advantages of TBS Biometric Solutions:

Enhanced Security:

Biometrics provide a high level of security by using unique biological traits for authentication, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and identity fraud.

Improved Efficiency:

Streamlined processes such as check-ins, access control, and identity verification save time and resources, leading to operational efficiency gains.

Enhanced USer Experience:

Faster and more secure processes contribute to a positive customer experience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Compliance and Regulations:

TBS biometric solutions help organizations comply with industry regulations and security standards, enhancing trust and credibility among stakeholders.



In conclusion, TBS biometric solutions offer a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies that address the unique security and operational challenges faced by the transport, travel, and logistics sectors. By implementing TBS solutions, organizations can achieve a balance between enhanced security measures, operational efficiency, and user satisfaction, thereby driving success in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.


Here are some examples of our accurate biometric solutions from TBS:


Recommended Biometric Solutions

Key Benefits


Four finger principle biometric device, offering high-speed authentication


The most reliable, contactless fingerprint reader available capable of managing large databases


Advanced biometric technology for rapid and accurate authentication, featuring face recognition and anti-spoofing capabilities



Iris recognition is contactless, hygienic and extremely reliable for use in indoor environments


A multi-spectral fingerprint reader capable of reliable identification in the most extreme environments


Our cost-effective, optical fingerprint reader with an intuitive touchscreen user interface tabs


Efficient time attendance management solution for workforce tracking and compliance






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