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The European Court of Justice Ruling

On Tuesday 14th May 2019, the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the highest court in the European Union, ruled to make recording of employees’ working time mandatory. This has far-reaching implications for all employers in all Member States.


How Will You Manage Your Time and Attendance?

When adopted correctly, time and attendance is an incredibly powerful tools within any business. It can help reduce wage costs for organizations, but it can also help protect employees from having to work too many hours. The key to successful implementation is choosing the right system for your business. It must be simple-to-use, reliable, and able to collect time-keeping records and events.


Why Should You Consider a Biometric Solution from TBS?

The most important factor to consider in any time and attendance system is how you identify employees. Time and attendance has been around for many years, and traditional systems are often based on the use of cards, fobs or PINs to identify people at a time clock or reader and can involve a significant amount of manual processing. These traditional methods of identifying people rely on the integrity of the individual, as cards, fobs or PINs can easily be shared.

Biometric identification eliminates this possibility; ensuring that the individual clocking in or out must be physically present.

TBS solutions are reliable, simple-to-use and easy to integrate to any time and attendance or workforce management solution. TBS provides a range of fingerprint and iris recognition readers to suit your needs. Whether you are a small company, a large enterprise with multiple sites, or a business that operates in harsh environments, TBS has a solution to meet your requirements.


TBS Cloud for SME’s

TBS Cloud is our recently released cloud-based time and attendance solution, designed to provide cost-effective biometric time-management. TBS Cloud is simple to set up and does not require any specifically dedicated infrastructure to be installed on-premises. Our software is securely hosted in the cloud, and our devices are easy to install and connect.


TBS Solutions

Here are some examples of our solutions:

Recommended Solution

Key Benefits


The most reliable, contactless fingerprint reader available capable of managing large databases


A multi-spectral fingerprint reader capable of reliable identification in the most extreme environments


Our cost-effective, optical fingerprint reader with an intuitive touchscreen user interface


Mobile identification and enrolment enabling identification at any location without the need for infrastructure


Iris recognition is contactless, hygienic and extremely reliable for use in indoor environments



Get in touch to explore options, discuss solutions, and learn more about our innovative technology. We look forward to speaking with you.