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Biometric access control solutions

Biometric access control solutions are becoming increasingly popular worldwide because they are based on authentic properties and are therefore more secure. TBS company, the leading provider of biometric access and time and attendance solutions based in Switzerland is pioneering these biometric technologies. The unique non-contact 3D fingerprint scanner offers companies the highest level of security and convenience.

Biometric solutions

Biometric solutions have already replaced traditional recognition methods in many areas where security is a key criterion. The technologies are developing rapidly and nowadays combine maximum accuracy with optimum process and system security. The use of biometric solutions is
on the rise worldwide. More and more established companies and organizations are relying on this trend for secure identification, which will continue in the coming years and permanently change the security landscape.

"With a non-contact 3D fingerprint scanner, TBS offers its partners and customers the highest level of security and convenience. This revolutionary technology captures the unique characteristics of a fingerprint with the highest precision, while being both more hygienic and less sensitive to the known problems of contact-based sensors. TBS solutions are particularly suited for environments with high-security needs such as banks, government agencies and airports, but also offer real added value for other applications due to their customizability and integrability," said Stefan Schaffner, CEO of TBS.


3D AIR - the most accurate fingerprint scanner

The 3D AIR is the latest generation of the contactless fingerprint scanner. The elegant simplicity of the device, combined with its exceptional precision, provides an intuitive user experience and uncompromising security in equal measure. This makes 3D AIR the ideal biometric solution for anyone who values the highest level of security - whether in sensitive areas such as the pharmaceutical and medical industries or in high-security zones such as banks or data centers.


3D FLY -  the future of people identification for areas with high people throughput

The 3D FLY non-contact handheld scanner from TBS is the ultimate solution for identification 'on-the-fly'. This advanced technology allows up to 4 fingers of a hand to be captured and processed in real-time with unmatched precision. 3D FLY is perfect for areas with high people throughput, such as airports or stadiums. The result: a smooth user experience without bottlenecks!


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