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Setting the Standard for Comprehensive Communication Solutions in Lithuania

TELE2 stands as a powerhouse among European operators, offering a comprehensive range of services in Lithuania, including mobile and fixed communication, data transmission, smart TV, and engaging content. With an impressive clientele of more than 2 million people, TELE2 has swiftly transformed from a fledgling mobile communications operator in 2000 to a dominant market leader. TELE2's success story is remarkable, as it started from the bottom and rose to the top position in its sector, a rarity in the industry.

TELE2's data center faced the important task of strengthening its security measures. In response, the company embraced multiple-factor authentication, recognizing the importance of robust protection. TBS products emerged as the ideal choice, seamlessly meeting TELE2's stringent requirements for enhanced security.


Seamless biometric integration management for enhanced security.


Smooth biometric integration in the Inner Range access control system.


Highest quality standards incl. European manufacturing.

Project description

Enhancing Security with Biometric Integration

In this rapidly evolving digital age, ensuring the highest level of security within data centers has become an unparalleled priority for end users.

By harnessing the power of multi-factor authentication, which combines the elements of a PIN, card, and 2D IRON fingerprint scanner from TBS company, end users can enjoy a heightened level of security that goes beyond traditional password-based systems. This robust combination of biometric authentication factors significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access by adding an extra layer of protection that is virtually impossible to replicate or bypass.

Setting It Apart: Seamless Compatibility with Inner Range Access Systems

One of the key distinguishing factors of this biometric integration lies in its remarkable ability to seamlessly integrate with Inner Range access control systems. This compatibility offers users the opportunity to not only effectively manage access rights but also effortlessly track event logs within a unified system. The elimination of the need for multiple platforms streamlines the entire security process, resulting in enhanced overall operational efficiency. By simplifying the user experience and consolidating various security functions, this streamlined approach revolutionizes the way data center security is managed, providing an optimized and hassle-free solution for end users.

The power of choice

When it comes to choosing TBS solutions, TELE2 prioritizes key buying factors (KBF) that ensure the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. These include the European manufacturing of TBS solutions, particularly in Switzerland, seamless integration with the Inner Range access solution, reliable local support from TBS services, and a diverse range of biometric products such as face recognition,  fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, and hand scanner, providing ample opportunities for project development and customization.



2D IRON has been designed to withstand both rough treatment and extreme environments. It features a multispectral 2D+ sensor within resilient waterproof housing, to deliver dependable identification in any situation. This robust fingerprint sensor will provide the user with a sense of comfort and reliability. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, it can withstand harsh environmental conditions to deliver superior identification performance wherever you need it. 


The multispectral sensor is able to precisely identify up to 20,000 different fingerprints quickly, reliably and regardless of finger condition (dirty, dusty or oily).


Excellent liveness detection, configurable at three threshold levels, further increases security. It is ideal for high-security access control applications.


The 2D TOUCH family uses a common biometric template, so you only have to enroll once. 2D IRON is the family champion, delivering the highest grade of security and user comfort.



About our partner

Spectra Baltic is revolutionizing the security industry with its forward-thinking solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction.

With a focus on continuous improvement, Spectra Baltic offers the latest technology, and expert advice to meet customer needs. They provide a comprehensive range of services, including reliable equipment supply, prompt delivery, and professional consultations.


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Leading software




4Q 2021

Integration with an existing access solution.


Seamless integration with Inner Range products.

Inner Range access control system



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