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Redefining Safety Standards Together in the Middle East

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with SAS Security Systems, as we redefine safety standards together. SAS Security Systems, a subsidiary of IST Group, provides integrated solutions in Qatar and the Middle East across various sectors including defense, cybersecurity, and smart cities.

This collaboration will empower us to provide our clients with innovative and advanced security solutions, ensuring their safety. Swiss high-quality solutions enhance the security industry in the Middle East, streamlining operations, increasing efficiency, and providing valuable insights.



from left: Stefan Schaffner (TBS),  Osama Omar from SAS Security Systems in Qatar and Stefan Roda (TBS Middle East)


Biometric Technology: A Revolutionary Step for Enhanced Security in the middle East

Biometric technology from TBS company has emerged as a revolutionary step towards enhancing security in the Middle East. With its ability to identify individuals based on their unique physical traits, biometric technology has become a powerful solution. From biometric fingerprint scanning to face recognition, biometrics has transformed the way security is managed in the Middle East. With our biometric solutions, we're not only streamlining security processes but also reducing the risk of fraud. From healthcare to banking and transportation, this versatile technology has the potential to revolutionize various sectors.

Our partnership with SAS Security Systems is a game-changer for the safety industry. Together, we are setting the standard for safety and redefining what it means to protect businesses and individuals alike. SAS Security Systems is known for its cutting-edge technology and its commitment to innovation.

Benefits of the SAS and TBS Partnership

  • Increased accessibility of TBS devices in Qatar
  • All-around project management, integration, installation and support by SAS
  • Automated data synchronization for enhanced efficiency
  • Advanced identification and verification capabilities
  • High-security biometric access control solutions

While our partnership is off to an incredible start, we're even more excited about the future. Together, we will continuously evolve and improve safety standards. We are excited to embark on this journey with SAS and look forward to the positive impact it will have on our industry.


About SAS Security Systems

SAS Security Systems is the Value-Added Distribution & Systems Integration subsidiary of Integrated Scientific Technologies Group (IST). IST is a leading Integrated Solutions & Technologies Group in Qatar and the Middle East. They have extensive experience and a proven track record of providing complete Integrated Systems and Solutions on a turn-key basis. Their expertise spans various sectors including Military & Defense, Physical Security & Public Safety, Parking Management & Mobility, Renewable Energy, Cybersecurity, and Smart Cities.





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