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Union Community (CEO Shin Yo-shik, ), the largest multi-modal biometric security solution company in Korea, and Touchless Biometric Systems (CEO Stefan Schaffner, Global Leader for touchless biometric solutions, announced that they had signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU), to expand their partnership on global level.




Through this MOU, the two companies plan to intensify their cooperation in technology but also in the distribution of their product ranges in different parts of the world. This partnership will fuel the growth and help the two companies expand their global presence and underline their leading role in the biometric world.

Shin Yo-sik, CEO of Union Community, said, “The MOU with TBS for Union Community’s global expansion, is an important step to accelerate our ambitious growth plans. It will help us to further strengthen our market position.”

“The two partners are highly complementary in terms of markets and offerings. While TBS is specialized in challenging and customized biometric solutions, Union gives us access to an extended range of state-of-the-art hardware. For our customers, it’s the best of two worlds.” says Stefan Schaffner, CEO at TBS.



Founded in 2000, Union Community has expanded its business areas from access control systems using fingerprint recognition and face recognition algorithms to iris recognition systems. Recently, it has secured market share based on active activities such as launching premium products and introducing a system integration with a heat sensor.

Swiss-based Touchless Biometric Systems AG (TBS) is a trusted provider of touchless biometric solutions for Access Control and Workforce Management. Its biometric framework covers even the most challenging workflows and security requirements. TBS hard- and software are integrated into the world’s leading security systems and deployed at various airports, data centers, industrial, financial and government installations.





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