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It is usually the way of the world that security and convenience are not the best of friends. If you opt for convenience, you often lower security.

It is convenient to re-use the same password for multiple applications, but most of us understand the risks of having a password compromised. A contrary example: Following any terrorist event, public venues always increase their security measurements by introducing strict bag checks, sniffer dogs and even portable x-ray devices. All of this significantly reduces the threat of a security breach, but it can lead to long queuing times and less convenient user experience. Biometric solutions combine security and comfort: The user simply puts his finger on a fingerprint reader or looks into a camera - the identification process is simple and secure.


TBS – The Standard in Biometric Security

There are several security issues to consider when deciding to invest in a biometric identification solution:

  • Can the readers be spoofed?
  • How do they store information?
  • Can information be intercepted?
  • How can a system prevent tailgating?
  • Can a system provide two- or even three-factor-authentication?

TBS, as one of the world-leaders in this field, have the answers to these questions.


How to Prevent Spoofing Attacks?

Spoofing means that an artificial object is presented to a biometric reader thinking that a real-life person has given the physical attribute, e.g. fingerprint, face or iris. You will not have to look too hard to find examples of biometric readers being spoofed, sometimes by using quite simple techniques. TBS has a range of readers (TBS 3D AIR, TBS 2D IRON, and TBS 3D LIGHT) that are able to detect and prevent spoofing attacks. Speak to one of our engineers for more information.


How is Data Secured and Stored?

The TBS devices and the TBS server are combined to create an extremely secure solution. Various encryption methods ensure that all sensitive data – from when it is created, to where it is stored, and when it is in transit – is securely encrypted. This eliminates the risk of capturing data in transit and using it in a replay attack. It also means that if data is stolen in a successful attack on a server, this will be of no value to the hacker.



For high-security areas, access control readers alone cannot stop people from tailgating, the process of following an authorized person through a restricted access door. TBS readers can be installed in turnstiles and airlocks, which physically restrict the flow of individuals. As an alternative, TBS provides one of the most reliable anti-tailgate solutions available (TBS 3D TAILGATE). This sensor is mounted close to the biometric reader and will ensure that only the person identified goes through the access point. If somebody else, or more than one person, attempts to pass, the sensor sends an alarm signal or prevents the door from being opened.


Would You Like to Have Multi-Factor Identification?

The combination of several identification factors provides increased security. This multi-layered identification is used in areas that require maximum protection. For example, if authentication is based on a biometric feature and an RFID card, it is called two-factor authentication. The TBS 2D SENSE combines touch-based fingerprint recognition with an RFID reader for maximum security without sacrificing user-friendliness. Three-factor authentication goes one step further, with users providing another element for identification, e.g. entering a PIN. The devices from TBS can be easily integrated into your system - whatever your company's requirements are.


Intuitive User Interfaces

TBS terminals have been designed to be very easy to use. Large touchscreens allow the user interface to be easily customized and simple for anyone to use, regardless of their experience with biometrics. Many of our devices have real-time user feedback on the positioning of their finger, face, or iris. This makes the experience completely stress-free, even for a first-time user. In today's modern world, security and convenience do not have to be mutually exclusive; they can go hand-in-hand.


Get in touch to explore options, discuss solutions, and learn more about our innovative technology. We look forward to speaking with you.