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Stay ahead of the curve. Learn about the latest security innovations at the Security Event in Birmingham

The Security Event taking place from 25 – 27 of April this year, is a prominent industry expo held in Birmingham. Attendees can explore cutting-edge security products while connecting with leading experts. 


TBS top solutions are all in one place – behold our highlights:

  • 3D FLASH+ is an innovative face recognition device that can identify people from a distance of up to 4 meters and has a liveness detection feature to avoid spoofing.
  • 3D FLY is a revolutionary biometric hand-scanning technology that offers unmatched speed and accuracy, with its fast processor and AI-aided algorithms.
  • 3D AIR is the first touchless biometric scanner on the market with its simple design, intuitive user experience and unrivaled accuracy.
  • 3D LIGHT provides a quick, easy and hygienic experience for users due to its hybrid face detection and iris recognition as well as accurate thermal sensor for maximum security.


The one thing you need to know about our software platform:

TBS BIOMANAGER ENTERPRISE is a web-based software package that provides users with the ability to manage biometric data. It offers high levels of security, reliability and efficiency, as well as advanced security measures for data protection in both rest and transit. The platform is scalable for multi-site deployments and includes an API for easy integration with other systems. It also allows users to choose between on-premise or cloud-based solutions, with personalized customization available.



Mark your calendars for April 25-27, 2023! Make sure you visit us at our booth number 4/J55 where we'll showcase our newest innovation like 3D FLASH+, a powerful face recognition solution that's changing the game and our new software platform TBS BIOMANAGER ENTERPRISE

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