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Ensuring smooth operations and optimal productivity. Streamline workforce management and enhance operational efficiency.


Effectively manage employee schedules, monitor attendance patterns, and facilitate payroll processing.


Eliminating the possibility of time theft or buddy punching.

Project description

In the dynamic world of systemic gastronomy, efficient management of time and attendance is crucial for ensuring smooth operations and optimal productivity. Recognizing this need, McDonald's restaurants in Switzerland have implemented innovative time and biometric time and attendance solutions systems to streamline workforce management and enhance operational efficiency.

McDonald's Switzerland understands the importance of accurate and reliable attendance tracking systems to effectively manage employee schedules, monitor attendance patterns, and facilitate payroll processing. Traditional methods of manual attendance tracking are prone to errors and inefficiencies, leading to potential discrepancies in payroll and operational disruptions. To address these challenges, McDonald's has adopted advanced time and attendance solutions tailored to the unique requirements of its needs and laws in Switzerland.

One such solution involves the integration of biometric technology, such as fingerprint scanners, into the time and attendance process. These biometric systems provide secure and accurate identification of employees, eliminating the possibility of time theft or buddy punching. By requiring employees to clock in and out using their unique biometric identifiers, they ensure accountability and integrity in attendance tracking, ultimately leading to improved workforce management and cost savings.

With real-time visibility into employee attendance data, franchisees and managers can make informed decisions regarding staffing levels, scheduling, and resource allocation, thereby optimizing service quality and customer and employee satisfaction.



2D IRON has been designed to withstand both rough treatment and extreme environments. It features a multispectral 2D+ sensor within resilient waterproof housing, to deliver dependable identification in any situation. This robust fingerprint sensor will provide the user with a sense of comfort and reliability. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, it can withstand harsh environmental conditions to deliver superior identification performance wherever you need it. 



The multispectral sensor is able to precisely identify up to 20,000 different fingerprints quickly, reliably and regardless of finger condition (dirty, dusty or oily).



Excellent liveness detection, configurable at three threshold levels, further increases security. It is ideal for high-security access control applications.



The 2D TOUCH family uses a common biometric template, so you only have to enroll once. 2D IRON is the family champion, delivering the highest grade of security and user comfort.




The customer valued TBS's reputation for reliability and accuracy in attendance tracking, ensuring that employees' work hours are recorded accurately and transparently. The use of advanced biometric technology from TBS provides a higher level of security and accountability compared to other solutions. This helped mitigate the risk of time theft or buddy punching, enhancing trust and integrity in the attendance tracking process.

TBS's seamless integration with existing systems and workflows made it easy for the customer to implement and manage the solution without causing disruptions to their operations. The customer recognized the value of TBS's real-time data access, enabling them to make timely decisions on staffing and resource allocation to optimize operational efficiency. TBS prioritizes effective communication and strives to address any issues promptly. TBS values training and aims to provide support to its customers and is committed to ensuring a smooth implementation and actively addresses any issues that arise.

In summary, the customer has chosen TBS because of their emphasis on communication, training, smooth roll-out, and support. 





“The quality of the solution made this project a great success. Thanks to their expertise and flexibility, the TBS technical teams were able to overcome the early challenges quickly and sustainably. The product's simplicity makes it easy for anyone to use. Since then, the devices have been used by several thousand employees on a daily basis. Moreover, users benefit from quality support whenever they need it.”

Hatem Oueslati, Senior Operations Consultant, McDonald's Suisse Restaurants Sàrl


McDonald's, the iconic restaurant brand recognized worldwide, has established a prominent presence in Switzerland, seamlessly blending its global brand with the unique cultural and culinary landscape of the country. McDonald's has become a household name, offering a familiar taste of convenient great-tasting food alongside adaptations tailored to Swiss preferences.

With almost 180 locations across Switzerland, McDonald's has solidified its position as a go-to destination for convenient and affordable meals. The company's commitment to quality, convenience, and innovation resonates with Swiss consumers, making it a beloved fixture in the country's culinary scene.

Beyond its menu offerings, McDonald's in Switzerland is also recognized for its commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. The company has implemented various initiatives to reduce its environmental footprint, such as using recyclable materials and sourcing ingredients from sustainable suppliers whenever possible. Additionally, McDonald's actively engages with local communities through charitable partnerships and initiatives, further strengthening its ties to Swiss society.

In summary, McDonald's in Switzerland represents more than just a restaurant; it symbolizes a blend of global familiarity and local adaptation. With its widespread presence, diverse menu options, and dedication to sustainability, McDonald's continues to play a significant role in shaping the food industry in Switzerland.

About our partners

Interflex, a trusted provider specializing in workforce management and access control solutions, has a long-standing partnership with TBS. 

Headquartered in Germany, Interflex, caters to diverse industries, providing tailor-made solutions to meet unique business challenges. In this installation Interflex is responsible for installation and maintenance of the 2D IRON biometric terminal, ensuring ongoing system operation. Interflex manages the installation and maintenance of the system across all 180 McDonald's restaurants in Switzerland.

This collaboration highlights Interflex's dedication to enhancing operational efficiency and security standards, empowering businesses like McDonald's to thrive in the modern era. Through this integrated solution with TBS and Easy@Work, McDonald's benefits from cutting-edge technology and reliable support.


Easy@Work is more than just a company- it´s a complete platform for workforce management. With a suite of innovative solutions and services, Easy@Work empowers business to streamline their operations, optimize productivity, and enhance employee satisfaction.

From scheduling and time tracking to task management and collaboration tools, Easy@Work provides a comprehensive solution to meet the diverse needs of modern workplaces. By leveraging technology and intuitive interfaces, Easy@Work simplifies complex workforce management tasks, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best while ensuring a seamless and efficient work experience for employees. In this specific case, Easy@Work provided the cloud-based workforce management solution seamlessly integrated with the TBS cloud environment.


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Revolutionizing Workforce Management: TBS Biometric Solutions In McDonald's

Crissier VD , Switzerland


Seamless integration, keyless system, real-time data.


Biometric device with seamless integration with time & attendance system.

Time & Attendance System




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