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When it comes to protecting assets, banks have always used cutting-edge technology in security. The ING Bank in Prague looked no further than to PKE and TBS to offer the access control system they needed to protect their data centers.

In their pursuit of security, banks adopted identification protocols even before any technology was available; for instance, bank tellers were already verifying an individual's signature upon a cash withdrawal from a cheque. Hence, it is no surprise the financial sector has been one of the most prolific and early adopters of biometrics.

Today, biometrics is equally widespread among banking institutions and their customers. For you, as a customer, the face recognition sensor of your smartphone enabling mobile banking is already common practice; perhaps you are familiar with voice recognition on the phone-banking system or you might already be using the fingerprint sensor embedded in your debit card or as a token in your phone's NFC payment system. Banks, on the other hand, may use video surveillance and gait identification inside the premises to detect intruders, fingerprint sensors at the entrance for its employees, to access the main vault, individual safe deposit boxes, or facilities. Or even, such as in this case, an iris recognition sensor to access server rooms.

ING, a leading commercial and investment bank in the Czech Republic, a subsidiary of global ING Bank N.V. having 9 branch offices and 400k clients with 360 employees in the Czech Republic, was looking to secure access to its server rooms, containing extremely sensitive data about its customers and operations.

ING requested safe and reliable biometrics to increase the security of their data centres. The 3D LIGHT closely met the expectations: with a combination of face detection and iris identification, it is a comfortable-to-use device with the added advantage of being touchless and extremely accurate. Also, it can be used with an integrated PIN system, RFID sensor, and thermal sensor.

For this project, the integration to the security management system was made through AVASYS®. The system has the capacity to congregate seamlessly with different elements, integrating the TBS 3D LIGHT, CCTV, Alarm, and other ACS components. According to Vladimir Novak, the Head Project and Sales at PKE Czech Republic, the installation at the premises was a great experience, with only a few challenges. Integration has been done by ID3D protocol and the TBS devices and subsystem easily joined the whole situation. Any minor issues encountered were immediately solved with support from TBS, and training to ING staff was assured, thus providing optimal customer service.


About PKE

Few are up to the task of delivering and installing a comprehensive security management system. PKE is certainly an integrator with all the necessary capabilities, expertise, and experience when it comes to that. Access control systems, CCTV, fire alarm, and intrusion detection are domains where PKE feels comfortable to work with. Providing security not only to financial institutions but as well to energy, utilities, and the automotive industries, PKE is a reference in the Czech territory and elsewhere. It is a natural partner of TBS as well because of its added-valuable experience.


About TBS & Financial Institutions

Being a Swiss company, the financial sector is a natural environment for TBS. Many banks in Switzerland and around the world trust our solutions not only to secure access to the building itself, but also to server rooms, deposit boxes, and as a time and attendance solution for employees.


Get in touch to explore options, discuss solutions, and learn more about our innovative technology. We look forward to speaking with you.