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TBS is proud to be partnered with Nedap, one of the world’s leading access control system providers.  Our seamless integration with AEOS Access Control enables full biometric access rights to be controlled from a single application.

There are many advantages to seamless integration. Foremost, it enables full biometric enrollment and device-management from within the AEOS software application. This simplifies the user experience for Administrators and Managers of the AEOS-fi system.


Biometric EnrollmentTBS Biometric Enrolment Interface

TBS offers a variety of biometric enrolment options:

  • On device
  • Remote enrollment
  • Central enrollment
  • Mobile enrollment


Single User Interface

Administrators and Managers of the system can access all of the features and functionality from a single, intuitive user interface, removing the need to switch between applications. This also includes the enrollment of the users which can be triggered in AEOS.


Biometric Synchronization

Our seamless integration allows for automatic distribution of biometric templates between devices.  Once enrolled, individual templates are automatically distributed to all devices on the network, where the user has access privileges.  If a user is deleted, the user’s templates and access rights are removed.


Identification and Verification Modes

TBS offers the flexibility of both identification and verification modes.  Identification requires only a biometric (fingerprint or iris) to be provided by the user (1:X).  Verification requires additional credentials to be presented by the user, such as card or PIN, and then biometric match confirms the users identity (1:1).  This allows greater control in high security locations or in installations with large databases of users.



The TBS – Nedap integration enables integrators and end-users to specify the most appropriate biometric device from one of the largest portfolios on the market.  Multiple types of biometric readers can be deployed across a single installation or enterprise.



The TBS infrastructure has been designed for scalability and allows for an unlimited number of devices to be connected across an estate.  Combine this with the unlimited amount of doors that can be secured with AEOS and you have a truly scalable solution.



Both TBS and Nedap are continuously aligning research and developments, thereby ensuring that our clients can continue to benefit for our state-of-the-art integrated solution.



TBS supply the world’s most reliable biometric fingerprint and iris recognition solutions. We have a solution for every type of installation.

Overview of TBS-Nedap Integration


About TBS)

Touchless Biometric Systems (TBS) is the leader in biometric technologies for Access Control and Workforce Management. TBS is the specialist behind the world’s largest security integrators and countless resellers providing biometric expertise, products, and solutions to a growing security market. Our worldwide reseller network reaches more than 40 countries, having equipped several thousand installations on some of the most prestigious verticals and facilities throughout the world.


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