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TBS is proud to collaborate with GANTNER, a leading supplier of access control solutions for medium-sized companies in Central Europe and the Middle East. All access rights are managed through a single application, thanks to the seamless integration of our products with the access control system of GANTNER.

The seamless system integration offers many advantages to the system operators. They can register new users and manage devices directly within the access control software GAT Matrix.


Biometric RegistrationGantner GAT Matrix

TBS offers several options to register biometric traits of new users (a process called enrolment):

  • Directly on the device
  • Enrolment using remote access to the device
  • Central enrolment using USB sensors
  • Mobile enrolment


One User Interface For All Functions

System administrators can access all functions through a single intuitive user interface and don’t need to change between different applications. New users are enrolled and access rights are managed directly in GAT Matrix.


Biometric Synchronization

The seamless integration of TBS and GANTNER allows to use the registered biometric traits on all devices in the network immediately. After enrollment, biometric user data are automatically sent to all TBS devices where the respective user has been granted access. Upon deletion of a user profile, the system automatically removes all user data and access rights.


Identification and Verification Modes

TBS even offers flexibility regarding operation mode: all TBS devices can both identify and verify. Users identify themselves conveniently using a biometric trait – fingerprint or Iris (1:X). Alternatively, identification is also possible using a card or PIN followed by verification using a biometric trait (1:1). This verification mode eases the identification process especially in projects with high security requirements or if many users are managed by the database.
After authentication of a person, GAT Matrix is checking temporal, spatial and organisational access rights. The person is only allowed access if all required permissions are granted.



The collaboration of TBS and GANTNER means that integrators and users can select their ideal biometric device from one of the largest product portfolios in the market. All devices can easily be integrated into a single system.



The TBS infrastructure is scalable and can handle an unlimited number of devices. Combined with access points that don’t use biometrics, the GANTNER access control system reaches a maximum of security, efficiency and comfort.



Together, TBS and GANTNER are developing innovative solutions for today and tomorrow, as GANTNER makes investment security a high priority.



TBS stands for the most reliable products featuring biometric fingerprint or iris recognition. For every application, we offer you the most fitting solution.

Overview of TBS-Gantner Integration



About TBS

Touchless Biometric Systems (TBS) is the leader in biometric technologies for Access Control and Workforce Management. TBS is the specialist behind the world’s largest security integrators and countless resellers providing biometric expertise, products, and solutions to a growing security market. Our worldwide reseller network reaches more than 40 countries, having equipped several thousand installations on some of the most prestigious verticals and facilities throughout the world.


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