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The days of rummaging for a key or badge are over. Now, all it takes to open a door, is a single glance. What, just a few years ago, sounded like science fiction, is now a fully-developed and affordable system, that controls access with iris recognition. Siemens uses such scanners, supplied by the Swiss-based biometric specialist Touchless Biometric Systems (TBS), in its comprehensive security solutions.

Traditional controlled access systems rely on knowledge and possession, yet a card or PIN code is at risk of falling into the wrong hands. Systems based on biometric data, by contrast, are completely personal to each user, which provides significantly better security. In the process of iris recognition, a camera scans over 300 features of the human iris. This pigmented muscle around the pupil is different in every person, even twins. This means that when the system compares the iris patterns of both eyes against that person’s data, it can immediately decide whether or not to grant access.


A Successful Trial Phase

TBS 2D EYE integration with SiemensSiemens Building Technologies in Volketswil, has been testing the 3D LIGHT from TBS in everyday scenarios for six months. The system is part of a high-performance, controlled access solution from Siemens. Based on the SiPass integrated and Siport controlled access systems, the sales engineers develop custom security concepts for every customer, that includes considerations of when and where biometric access controls are appropriate and what technology is available. As an example, they have identified that iris recognition is ideal for highly sensitive areas such as data centres and research laboratories.

Around 25 volunteers are participating in the trial phase and feedback has been positive. “The scanner works perfectly, even when wearing glasses, and the entry procedure is only very slightly longer than when a card is used,” says Eduard Lehmann, one of the trial users in Volketswil. Thanks to increased use of cameras and selfies, people are now far more comfortable with looking into cameras, and as a result, the eye scanner has become a widely-accepted means of identification. As no beams of light are flashed into the eye, there are no health-related concerns associated with the system either.


An Innovative Biometric Range

TBS has been supplying devices for Siemens-controlled access systems for years. In addition to the iris scanner, Siemens integrates various finger scanners from the biometric specialist into its controlled access and intrusion detection systems. Dieter Tobler, a systems engineer at Siemens, reviews the partnership: “We chose TBS over numerous other providers of biometric scanners because we were impressed by the quality, workmanship and cost-effectiveness of its products. The close proximity of its headquarters in Pfäffikon, in the Swiss canton of Schwyz, is also important to us. This allows us to seek the support of the company at any time, and with a quick response."


About TBS

Touchless Biometric Systems (TBS) is the leader in biometric technologies for Access Control and Workforce Management. TBS is the specialist behind the world’s largest security integrators and countless resellers providing biometric expertise, products, and solutions to a growing security market. Our worldwide reseller network reaches more than 40 countries, having equipped several thousand installations on some of the most prestigious verticals and facilities throughout the world.


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