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Data Centres are undoubtedly a key environment where security plays an ever-present role. Looking to implement the best practices in this growing sector, CE Colo turned to TBS to protect their valuable assets through the implementation of a stellar, secure and reliable biometric access control system.

CE Colo is a Czech-based distinguished provider of data centres that ensures a secure and consistent environment where customers connect, host, and distribute their crucial data. The company acronym has become a trusted name for exclusive customers, including telecom providers of reference. CE Colo is putting a key emphasis on driving focus and attention with redundancy measures covering power supply, cooling, monitoring, and importantly, security.


Importance of Data Centre and Security

Data Centres play a pivotal role in our society. They are the fundamental infrastructure that allows businesses to work, governments to function, and people to be interconnected. Data Centres typically comprise four tiers or levels. Tier I is basically a server room whilst Tier IV is a mission-critical centre, but all have the same need to provide uninterrupted data access whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety, be it in cybersecurity or physical security. Access control is, therefore, a key element to protect such assets.

CE Colo extensively looked for comprehensive solutions to address security and the need for a biometric-based system was evident. When looking at alternatives, “We quickly concluded there was no one but TBS due to the combination of two-factor-authentication and a device that is extremely secure and cannot be spoofed”, says Lukáš Škabrada, NOC Manager of CE Colo. Two other factors ranked high when opting for this decision. First, the TBS 3D AIR was a clear winner: The fact that this is a touchless, hygienic device, resilient to presentation attacks, and its multi factor authentication with RFID Mifare Desfire verification played heavily in the decision. Furthermore, the capability of the TBS system to seamlessly integrate with the existing IQMA system of Honeywell was a win-win scenario.

The devices secure access to critical areas inside the data centre. Users appreciate the comfortable use and friendly interface. Additionally, CE Colo provides a unique service to its top customers: their biometrics are enrolled, granting them direct access to their particular servers without the need to have someone accompanying. A secure self-service approach allows CE Colo to set a new benchmark for security in this sector. These capabilities are why CE Colo regards the use of TBS biometric devices as “an absolute must-have”, to use the words of Lukáš Škabrada.


TBS Solution

The TBS 3D AIR is a unique device in the world, featuring a nail-to-nail scanning sensor capable of reading fingerprints in virtually all conditions. It operates contact-free by imaging the fingerprint with unrivaled accuracy. It is particularly suitable for data centres, including all features such as multiple authentication methods (PIN and/or RFID + Biometric), anti-passback, authentication coupled with a second user (two-man-rule), integration with anti-tailgate and IP cameras, including encryption and liveness detection. Devices smoothly integrate with physical electronic locks. Access rights can be configured to limit access to a certain time, to a particular zone, to enforce a particular set of credentials and other conditions – individually for each user.

TBS has gained the trust of both data centre managers and of system integrators who design and install the security system. Every data centre has different security demands, yet TBS has offers for all possible tiers. TBS is the biometric specialist behind the world’s largest security integrators and countless resellers – providing biometric expertise, products, and solutions in Access Control and Time & Attendance. Timeless aesthetics, flexible functionality, and radical simplicity – that’s what makes TBS stand out.


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