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Workforce Management: Who, When, and Where

Biometric authentication can help boost productivity by providing fast, accurate, and reliable authentication of employees.

In this blog, we will look at just a few use cases for how installing a biometric recognition technology can help save costs, increase productivity and mitigate risk within any organization.


Enhance Your Security with Biometric Access Control

A biometric access control system can easily be installed as a standalone device or as an addition to any existing access control system. Replacing the need for keys, cards, or fobs (which can easily be lost, shared, or replicated) will reduce the cost of ownership and substantially mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive areas such as high-value stock rooms or IT server rooms.


Reduce Your Overheads with Biometric Time and Attendance System

For many companies, the most significant cost to a business is staff wages. With fingerprint or iris scanner, staff can be uniquely identified in a way that will completely eliminate buddy punching. Context events such as ‘Coming In’, ‘Leaving’ ‘Lunch Break’, or ‘Doctors appointments’ can easily be configured and accessed from the touchscreen user interface of our terminals. To ensure the accuracy of wages and salaries, these records are stored and are easily accessible by 3rd party payroll and HR software.


Ensure Compliance with Workforce Communication

The TBS infrastructure allows for ease of integration. Customizable messages can be displayed to individuals based on their successful identification. For example, on a construction site, when workers clock in for the start of their shift, a message displaying a warning that their health and safety qualification needs to be renewed can be sent to the screen. This not only helps to maintain compliance with health and safety regulations but saves time by reducing manual processes.


Protect Your Asset with Biometric Asset Management

Protecting valuable assets such as keys, laptops, and radios is of paramount importance. Many companies have invested in asset management cabinets that only allow authorized access to assets, yet the method of identifying the users requesting access to the asset is still based on cards, fobs, or PINs. These methods of identification are easy to copy, clone, or share between users. TBS’ biometrics have multiple integration options, allowing for unique fingerprint or iris recognition to securely and accurately identify the user, enabling organizations to assign assets to people based on robust authorization policies. 


Increase Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

Happy and motivated staff increase productivity. Higher staff retention rates reduce the ever-increasing costs of staff recruitment and training. Good employers invest heavily in incentives and tools designed to keep their workforce management engaged and motivated, but how do you manage the effectiveness when you introduce a new incentive? One of our forward-thinking customers uses our terminals to allow users to select how they are feeling when they arrive at work. Similar to customer satisfaction kiosks that are often found in airports and restaurants, employees select the icon that represents their satisfaction or how they feel at work. This is a simple but very clever way of generating reports on mood trends on employees overtime, providing HR Departments with valuable reporting data previously only available through periodic line-manager meetings.


Be Bold and Think Beyond the Traditions

Essentially, traditional accurate biometric solutions give you events that record the who, when, and where, but the what (the context of the event) can be virtually anything you like. The ability to adapt our touchscreen user interface gives customers the ability to be creative in the type of information they can record.


TBS Solutions

Here are some examples of our accurate biometric solutions:

Recommended Biometric Solutions

Key Benefits


The most reliable, contactless fingerprint reader available capable of managing large databases


A multi-spectral fingerprint reader capable of reliable identification in the most extreme environments


Our cost-effective, optical fingerprint reader with an intuitive touchscreen user interface


Iris recognition is contactless, hygienic and extremely reliable for use in indoor environments



Get in touch to explore options, discuss solutions, and learn more about our innovative technology. We look forward to speaking with you.