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the software platform for efficient management of biometric data and products for secure access control and workforce time management software.

The innovative platform, the result of years of research and development, offers a comprehensive solution for managing and monitoring biometric products and data.


Biometric devices are the best way to increase security and reliably verify the identity of individuals. But how can all biometric solutions be efficiently managed? The answer is: BIOMANAGER ENTERPRISE - the new software platform from TBS company.

BIOMANAGER ENTERPRISE simplifies user and device management and offers many additional features to meet even demanding project requirements. The software guarantees security, efficiency, and comprehensive functionality. With additional power packs, the range of functions can be expanded.

Thanks to advanced security measures, BIOMANAGER ENTERPRISE in combination with TBS biometric devices ensures that all data is optimally protected. The platform offers advanced security measures and scalability for large, multi-site installations, and available web APIs make integration with other systems easier. Deployed in banks, airports, government agencies, data centers, and other high-security areas, BIOMANAGER ENTERPRISE provides a unique security solution for the safest person biometric identification.

"BIOMANAGER ENTERPRISE access control system is the result of our proactive development strategy. Regardless of whether you prefer a standalone or integrated solution, an on-premise or cloud-based deployment, the BIOMANAGER ENTERPRISE platform offers maximum flexibility and individual customization options," said Stefan Schaffner, CEO of TBS.


Check out our new explanation video to see how BIOMANAGER ENTERPRISE can take your security to the next level!


Find more about our new BIOMANAGER ENTERPRISE workforce management software platform here!





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