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TBS just announced their latest product - 3D FLASH+

This new face recognition product is one of the most advanced on the market today, with the ability to recognize registered users from up to two meters away. It also features a unique walk-through method that allows for verification of a person's identity by walking past a camera. With its many cutting-edge features, 3D FLASH+ offers unmatched convenience and security


TBS is excited to announce our latest product, 3D FLASH+. This face recognition product is able to recognize registered users from up to two meters away, making it one of the most advanced algorithms for face recognition and verification available on the market today. The 3D FLASH+ also features a unique walk-through method that allows one to verify person's identity by walking past a camera. This makes it ideal for use in high-security areas where traditional methods of identification may not be feasible. With its ability to identify registered users from a distance up to two meters, it offers unmatched convenience, security and swiftness.





Utilizing sophisticated algorithms for biometric identification and walk-through verification techniques, 3D FLASH+ generates an exclusive mathematical representation of each person's distinct facial features. The authentication process via walking through takes merely one second and can be adjusted according to your preferred starting point – making it perfect for locations like buildings or airports where touchless biometric validation is crucial.

“We are confident that 3D FLASH+ will revolutionize the security industry and provide peace of mind for users around the world”, so Stefan Schaffner CEO of TBS. “3D FLASH+  is the newest face recognition device from TBS company. It features cutting-edge 3D algorithm for facial verification and has an anti-spoofing capability against photos, videos, as well as face masks - rest assured that the individuals entering through the gate are indeed who they claim to be", explains Stefan Schaffner further.

The 3D FLASH+  is designed for indoor installation and can be used in a variety of settings, from airports to manufacturing facilities. It has a large database capacity, able to store 10,000 faces in identification mode and 100,000 faces in verification mode (dual-factor verification). The biometric solution also possesses the ability to seamlessly combine various techniques for two-factor authentication, including card-based systems, personal identification number (PIN) codes or mobile access options.

The 3D FLASH+  is an exceptional product that offers numerous advantages and benefits, making it a valuable asset in various industries. 

Find more about 3D FLASH+ here!





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