Use Cases of Biometrics in Universities

 / Jun 28, 2019

University Lecture

Universities around the world all face similar challenges when it comes to security. How do you keep people safe in a vast, open campus?

There are over 10,000 universities around the world, the largest of which, the Indira Gandhi National Open University in India, has over 4,000,000 students enrolled. Universities vary in size, but most have one thing in common: They want to appear open and inviting to all, but they must work hard to make sure everyone visiting their university is kept as safe as possible.

What benefits can biometrics bring to a university?

Boost your security

Biometric access control ensures you know exactly who is on site and where they are. Control your access points on and off site, control access to restricted areas.

Reduce the costs of staff wages

Biometric time and attendance ensures staff are paid for the actual hours they work, and not the hours they are rostered to work.

Enhance your health and safety

Get a clear understanding of where people are located. Unlike traditional access control systems that are based on PINs or RFID cards that can be shared, with a biometric access control solution, you will be able to know the location of everyone.

Maximise course attendance

Mobile biometric devices allow you to ensure the attendance of students at lectures and courses. Devices that are passed around during the course ensure that there are no bottlenecks when entering the facility.

Reduce the costs of heating, air-conditioning and lighting

Monitor the numbers of students attending a course or module. This data will empower facilities managers to allocate the right-size rooms appropriate to the numbers of students on a course at that time.

Know who to account for in an emergency

The TBS infrastructure allows for easy integration of third-party systems, such as roll-call and mustering solutions. TBS devices allow users to process themselves on or off site, or between two areas within a site. Therefore, in an emergency, a roll-call list can be provided so that you can ensure the safety of everyone on site.

Convenient access to members-only areas

Allow easy access to areas such as libraries and gyms. Users will not have to remember their access cards or sign in at receptions. TBS biometric access control allows for quick and convenient access to those areas restricted to certain members.

Protect your partners facilities

Many private-sector companies establish research and design centres on university campuses. This allows for the creation of valuable IP which needs protecting. TBS biometric access control ensures that only authorised people can access these areas.

Future-proof your security infrastructure

TBS is proud to be integrated with many of the world’s leading access control and PSIM solutions, so investing in TBS does not lock you down to a particular security application. Seamless integration allows for user and device management from a single application.

TBS Solutions

Here are some examples of our solutions:

Recommended Solution

Key Benefits

TBS 3D Terminal

The most reliable, contactless fingerprint reader available capable of managing large databases


A multi-spectral fingerprint reader capable of reliable identification in the most extreme environments

TBS 2D Terminal

Our cost-effective, optical fingerprint reader with an intuitive touchscreen user interface

TBS 2D Portable

Mobile identification and enrolment enabling identification at any location without the need for infrastructure

TBS 2D Eye

Iris recognition is contactless, hygienic and extremely reliable for use in indoor environments


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