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TBS 3D Fingerprint Readers for The Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW)

 / Feb 11, 2020

The Polish Security Printing Works

Collaboration with our partners is something that we have become increasingly proud of here at TBS. In a recent collaboration with Nedap, we provided biometric access control to The Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW) based in Warsaw, Poland.

PWPW was founded in 1919, by the Polish Council of Ministers chaired by Ignacy Jan Paderewski. One year later, production of the first banknotes and documents began. Today, PWPW is one of the most modern companies in the security printing sector in Europe and is included in the list of entities authorized by the European Central Bank to print Euro banknotes. 

PWPW adopts the highest levels of security and this sets them apart from their competitors. This helps them attract customers who also follow strict security regulations. PWPW evaluated many security solutions and decided to install the Touchless Biometric Control devices (TBS) with Nedap AEOS access control system, which is seamlessly integrated. 

The Production Plant Manager of PWPW stated, “We chose the integrated NEDAP/TBS solution because it fulfills our expectations, although we are no standard customer. The solution allows us to implement all the non-standard solutions we are seeking. We are using the system since 2018, and it is what made our INTEGRAF certification possible. We consider this deployment a success for all parties involved”. Additionally, the Security Integrator that worked together with PWPW and TBS also stated, “Thanks to the integration of advanced TBS readers and flexibly programmed Nedap controllers, we have also been able to create singular man-lock passages”.

The Power of Integration

When an organization requires a solution with uncompromising security, seamless integration is key. Nedap’s access control solution, AEOS, is seamlessly integrated with TBS’ solutions. This enables all access rights and system features to be controlled from one single application.

There are many advantages to seamless integration. Foremost, it enables biometric enrolment and device management directly from the AEOS application. This simplifies the user experience for administrators and managers. Users with their biometric templates and access rights are automatically synchronized across all devices.

Product In Use

PWPW chose the TBS 3D Terminal, a three-dimensional and contactless fingerprint recognition terminal that provides the highest level of security, recognition performance and multi-functionality. Unlike 2-dimensional fingerprint readers, the TBS 3D Terminal scans the entire fingerprint from nail-to-nail. The result is 'zero failure to enroll' and the world's most reliable biometric fingerprint recogntion.

TBS 3D Touchless Fingerprint Scanner for PWPW

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