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NMC ProVita International Medical Center, a pioneer for post-acute care in the UAE trusts TBS to keep track of hundreds of staff across several locations.

NMC ProVita International Medical Centre, is the UAE’s largest provider of post-acute care and rehabilitation services. Covering patients of all ages, it provides Long Term Care, Post-acute Rehabilitation, Outpatient Rehabilitation, Home Hemodialysis & Home Health Services. NMC ProVita is the first long-term care rehabilitation facility in the region to attain the prestigious Joint Commission International Accreditation, and the distinguished Three-Year accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) International for its patient-centred long-term care community and commitment to its mission to improve the quality of life of its patients.


Integration with 360TNA and Oracle

NMC ProVita’s search for a time and attendance solution for its over 1000 employees led to a collaboration with the TBS partner Esfera & Aster. The entire project included TBS devices along with 360TNA Workforce Management System, integrated with Oracle HCM module to provide a seamless experience. The selected devices included the TBS 2D SENSE with a highly sensitive and accurate fingerprint reader.

Today NMC ProVita operates a biometric system that precisely captures data for Time & Attendance. The accuracy of the data captured through TBS 2D SENSE is proven. The system will allow for future expansion in both numbers of users and devices, thanks to the features of the TBS system and its integration with 360TNA software application. A major benefit of the implemented solution is its great control and flexibility as it addresses all employee schedules and shifts issues. It enables efficient communication between employees, managers, and the HR team by integrating accurate data under a single platform.

“The reliability of the data captured through TBS 2D SENSE is proven to be fundamental. Future scalability is ensured, thanks to the features of TBS devices and 360TNA mobility features. Whenever needed, it gives great control of employee schedules and swaps, accommodating employees’ working hours flexibility.” Mr. Stanley Rodrigues, General Manager at NMC ProVita.

The initial hurdle of pushing the data seamlessly between remote and central locations was quickly resolved with the support of E&A, and data flows continuously across the 10 buildings in several locations across the country.


TBS Solutions

The TBS 2D SENSE has been chosen for many reasons. The ease of integration with other systems played a significant part. Reliable and consistent identification was another key factor. Furthermore, its simple and minimalistic look integrates perfectly with the design of the building. From the user perspective, it is easy to use and highly intuitive, creating a smooth experience.

The TBS 2D SENSE includes an FBI-certified optical touch sensor. With excellent identification performance, it can be used both in access control and attendance systems. The configurable screen offers a user interface that allows for personalized logos, messages and buttons, support of different languages and PIN credentials. An integrated RFID module also supports badge-based verification systems in combination with biometrics. TBS solutions are suitable for high-security applications and can accommodate user groups of almost any size. They can be used with TBS BioManager software or integrated into any existing security software.



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