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Video : TBS at IFSEC Tech Talks

 / Mar 24, 2021

On January 26, 2021, TBS joined IFSEC Tech Talks to present our hygienic biometric readers seamlessly integrated into access control and workforce management. 

In this intuitive webinar, we talked through how our hygienic biometric readers seamlessly integrate with access control and workforce management platforms, followed by an interactive Q&A session, moderated by host and experienced television presenter, Jo Pickard.

Solutions that TBS presented include 2D and 3D fingerprint, multispectral, face and iris recognition readers, and more. TBS is focused on ensuring the use of biometrics is responsible, noting all biometric data is encrypted and exclusively consent-based. 

Questions covered in the Q&A session from participants included:

  • What is the viewing angle range for the iris reader?
  • In which applications are your devices used?
  • Why is iris identification better than facial recognition?
  • Could a dismembered eye be used to gain access?
  • What is your experience with applications looking for convenience rather than high security?

Watch the complete video here:


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