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Time and Attendance Management: Thinking Software Integrates TBS Readers

 / Jul 07, 2020

TBS Readers Integration with Thinking Software

Identity dependent applications such as time and attendance or emergency roll call require biometric identification that is fast, accurate and extremely reliable.

Thinking Software, based in Oxfordshire, England, is a world-leading supplier of time and attendance and evacuation management solutions. Thinking Software was established in 1994 and their solutions are used by organisations around the world.

Time management solutions from Thinking SoftwareSteve Rothkopf, Managing Director of Thinking Software said “Historically, we have focused on the time and attendance market. Our solutions process more than 1 million attendance transactions per day, and over £2 billion of payroll costs per year. Accurate identification of employees is critical, and this was a key factor in the decision to integrate with TBS. Integration has been a core strategy of our business. We have over 30 integrations to access control systems, payroll and HR solutions.”

Unique emergency evacuation management solution

Over recent years, Thinking Software has developed a unique emergency evacuation management solution called Musterd. Thinking SoftwareMusterd Roll Call is integrated with TBS biometric readers, allowing employees to easily report themselves as on or off-site, or to move from one part of a site to another. This vital information is used to generate real-time roll call lists of people who need to be accounted for.

Mr Rothkopf added “Our evacuation management system is being used by organisations who want to ensure they know exactly who to look for in the event of an emergency, and their last known location. Lives can depend on the accuracy of our solution. Users of our system need to be able to reliably identify themselves and to report on their location or activity. TBS readers mean that users do not need to carry a card or proximity token and the touchscreen gives people the ability to process themselves on or off-site on a single device. Emergencies can happen at any time, and having accurate real-time data regarding the location of people can help save lives.” 

The power of integration

One of the biggest advantages of the integration with TBS is that all of the device control and data synchronisation is handled by the TBS infrastructure. This means that one single integration allows end-users to choose which biometric device is most appropriate for their environment or installation. TBS has one of the widest selections of biometric devices on the market, so whether you have a small site with dozens of users, or you are a global enterprise with hundreds of thousands of employees based around the world, TBS will have the right device to meet your demands.

If you would like to understand how a biometric integrated access control solution could help you meet your business needs, please get in touch. One of our experienced engineers will be glad to support you in finding the best solution.


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