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TBS Touchless 3D Terminals in Umm Al-Qura University Mecca

 / Feb 18, 2015

Umm Al-Qura University, Mecca

Umm Al-Qura University, a leading university in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, solves the problem of critical fingerprints with TBS Touchless 3D Terminals. The 120 unit installation performs Time and Attendance for over 3,000 staff.

Umm Al-Qura University in the City of Mecca is one of the most prestigious institutions in the Islamic world. Its colleges occupy over 60 buildings, with more than 3000 staff on-site.

When the University identified the need for a Time & Attendance system, the scale of the installation called for a scrupulous examination of the most advanced biometric technologies available on the market.

The solution had to address several challenges: To securely and intelligently manage a large number of users, to display in Arabic language, to be easy to use, and most importantly, to solve the common challenge of “critical fingerprints”, such as thin skin resulting from diabetes, high pigment skin, and fingers decorated with henna.

The worldwide unique TBS Touchless Technology (TBS 3D Terminal) is using a non-intrusive capturing process that delivers far superior identification results. TBS 3D Terminal increases efficiency without compromising on security levels and maintaining high acceptance threshold for critical fingerprints.

TBS partner Business City successfully implemented a state-of-the-art 120-unit 3D fingerscanning solution in the colleges of the University, making it a leading reference worldwide.

Swiss biometrics manufacturer TBS has built a strong presence and reference base in the Middle East with installations in over 30 Government organizations.

Every day, globally, more than 1 Million people are using TBS terminals.

“TBS made employees attendance headache history in our university.” Dr. Fahd Al-Zahrani, Dean of IT Department, UMM AL-QURA University, Mecca

Switzerland is famous for its unmatched stability and security making it a paragon worldwide. It is TBS’s mission to bring Swiss security standards to the world. TBS offers biometric devices made in Switzerland and complete solutions for a large variety of biometric applications in access control and time & attendance.

TBS 3D Touchless finger scanning technology is worldwide unique. The three-dimensional and contact-free sensor technology captures the highest possible quantity of fingerprint details, guaranteeing significantly higher security than any other biometric system. Contact-free solutions qualify in particular for higher risk, large user groups or hygienically sensitive applications.

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