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TBS Introduces the 2D TIME

 / Sep 24, 2020

TBS 2D TIME for Workforce Management

TBS introduces the 2D TIME, a fingerprint recognition device with a large screen for workforce management and time and attendance applications.

The adoption of biometrics in workforce and identity management and in time and attendance has been witnessing a steep growth in the past years. It is part of a trend towards organizational restructuring, which highlights security and accuracy as well as other advantages such as productivity, transparency and accountability.

End-to-end digital solutions, including biometric, intuitive software and flexible integration, are essential for organizations to migrate from paper-based limitations and unreliable identification processes in order to improve efficiency, flexibility and quality as well as to remove redundancies.

With that in mind, Touchless Biometric Systems (TBS) has carefully created a solution to address the versatile needs of attendance and workforce management. The TBS 2D TIME fits perfectly in the already traditional desire of combining sleek design, comfortable interface and unrivalled accuracy that identify TBS as an iconic player in the world of biometric solutions.

Versatility and interoperability

TBS 2D TIME various technical features that make the device adaptable to many applications and different settings. The large screen (9’’) highlights the importance of a comfortable and spacious interface for the user’s perspective. This feature allows the presence of several custom touch-screen buttons that give a variety of attendance status, triggering events, surveys or other actions.

On the connectivity side, several options are possible with in-built capabilities to connect to a single or widely distributed network via LAN, WLAN and 4G. Via TBS BioManager, the device offers several opportunities to connect to 3rd party software applications.

One can also explore the authentication possibility of users thanks to its combination of biometric, PIN and RFID which, together with the TBS BioManager software, can be further customised at the individual level. The software allows for very precise reporting, offering valuable data for a wide range of analytical tools.


The two most immediate use cases for this device are time and attendance and workforce management. User authentication can also be used to identify users with a specific set of certifications. Timestamp recording also allows for a transparent way to track extra-hours and give accurate data to payroll systems. A biometric credential can also be used as a form of eSignature for person-based authorization to access resources, like machinery in fabrication. The device enables intelligent functions for a smart building as it permits connectivity with other machines and systems. Interactivity with staff, customer loyalty and POS solutions can easily be put in place thanks to the vast customization features of the screen. As a result, organizations become more flexible, more efficient and more responsive in managing their human resources.

The device has been designed for Time & Workforce applications only. However, it can be used together with all other TBS devices in the same installation and therefore fills the gap for companies preferring biometric identifications as opposed to other less secure modes.

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