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TBS Biometric Time and Attendance for The Ministry of Education in Oman

 / Feb 21, 2020

The Ministry of Education in Oman

The vision of the Ministry of Education in Oman is that processes of development, education and learning lead to committed and responsible future generations for their country. The aim is to support continued learning and co-existence with others.

About the Ministry of Education in Oman

A key element of the Ministry's vision is the implementation of digital technology to manage resources effectively. The Ministry has developed an electronic portal to access accurate and real-time attendance of their entire staff using fingerprint readers from Touchless Biometric Systems (TBS). This information enables the Ministry to react quickly to changing HR situations.

The Project

The project of installing TBS fingerprint devices has been implemented in most of the schools and in various governorates of the Sultanate.

The project allows to obtain reports on the attendance and departure of employees, to activate the electronic services related to attendance and leave in the Ministry's portal, and in the follow-up administrative aspects related to attendance and leave for employees by the highest official in various sectors of educational work. Furthermore, the project allows to achieve immediate educational indicators related to the system in the Ministry's electronic portal.

The Implementation

Since 2011, TBS readers have been rolled out to over 900 schools and are used to capture the attendance of over 65,000 staff, with further expansion planned.

Faisal bin Ali Al Busaidi, Assistant General Manager of the Ministry's IT Department stated: "We have been working with TBS for around eight years. We chose to install TBS fingerprint readers as other readers we had previously tested were not efficient enough to manage such a large database of users and over 1,000 installations throughout Oman. Another significant reason why we partnered with TBS on this project was their ability to integrate with our portal. Heaving real-time information, allows us to make well-informed educational decisions."

TBS Products in Use

The Ministry chose the TBS 2D Terminal, a biometric fingerprint reader with FBI certified, optical touch sensor for access control and time and attendance, with personalizable touchscreen and PIN-verification option. The installation was complemented by the TBS 2D Portable, a touch-based biometric tablet that allows convenient mobile enrollment.

TBS 2D Terminal and TBS 2D Portable

TBS terminals have a customizable touchscreen user interface. This allows our clients to add their corporate logo or other branding to the screen. Time and attendance buttons on the terminals enable to create specific contexts to events where users have been identified. In this case, staff can select whether they are arriving at or leaving the school.

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