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TBS Access Control and Time & Attendance Solution in Hotel Omnia

 / Jun 17, 2020

Hotel Omnia Zermatt, Switzerland

Collaboration with our partners is something that TBS is becoming increasingly proud of. No more so than with our recent collaboration with Mirus, providing a combined time and attendance and access control solution to The Omnia Hotel in Zermatt.

The Omnia is a 5-star luxury hotel located in the south west of Switzerland, close to the base of the iconic Matterhorn. Seeking a solution that would cover both access control and time & attendance The Omnia approached Mirus, who are well known as a market leader in time & attendance software solutions for the Hotel and Restaurant sector.

Requirements were clear. The Omnia needed two solutions, and the devices had to fully integrate with the platform that was already in use. They also needed to be versatile and hardy, in order to withstand extreme outdoor conditions. Furthermore, The Omnia wanted automation and accuracy for employee schedules, as well as control over who entered the building.

User-Friendly Solution

For time and attendance, Mirus were advocates for the TBS 2D Terminal, both due to significant cost-savings and because of the levels of integration available. For stringent access control, Mirus recommended the TBS 3D Terminal, a touch-free device with an exceptional fingerprint scanning sensor. Both devices withstand the temperatures of Swiss winters and identify individual fingerprints within a few seconds.

As an added feature, Mirus offered a complete Hotel and Restaurant time and attendance software that reflected the customer process from planning to payroll. Mirus also provided a detailed manual about how to install the TBS devices, which were finally installed by Omnia's in-house electrician, thus again saving additional cost and proving the ease of installation of TBS devices.

Christian Eckert, Managing Director of Hotel Omnia said, "The experience of using TBS devices has been perfect so far. It is easy to enrol new employees and the solution replaces our previous paper-based system and thus eliminates inaccuracies". The new system has been successful in avoiding 'cheating schedules', but most importantly, has brought transparency to employees and the employer. Reports are easy to generate, and users can add additional information with ease; ideal for HR management.

TBS Products in Use

TBS devices at The Omnia Hotel

Omnia chose to use both recommended TBS devices.

The TBS 3D Terminal is a touchless fingerprint reader with a three-dimensional scanner. Its unmatched accuracy can satisfy even the highest security expectations.

The TBS 2D Terminal features an FBI certified optical touch sensor that can be used indoor as well as outdoor. Its touchscreen can be fully customised. This robust terminal is recommended for small- to medium-sized user groups.

If you would like to understand how a biometric integrated access control solution could help you meet your business needs, please get in touch. One of our experienced engineers will be glad to support you in finding the best solution.


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