Biometric Time and Attendance / Jan 14, 2019

Biometric Application

Whenever we talk about biometric recognition, we generally think of either high security access control applications or sci-fi blockbusters. Hollywood has been portraying the use of biometrics in sci-fi films for decades. Star Trek, which aired as a show in 1966 and was made into its first movie in 1979, used biometrics such as voice ID, retina scanning and facial…

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JUST RELEASED: TBS introduces new video / Oct 30, 2018

TBS is happy to show you our most sophisticated portfolio of biometric devices through our latest video. Experience our state of the art technology and enhance your security with TBS Biometrics. TBS - Secure By Nature. Video

Review: Security Essen 2018 / Oct 08, 2018

Security Essen 2018 was a full success with hundreds of visitors in our stand, where we presented elegance with a touch of Swiss hospitality, our usual signature. Next to our comprehensive product and service portfolio, TBS introduced the new TBS CLOUD ACCESS+TIME solution, a sophisticated security solution that will complement SMEs and private households in the future. We’d like…

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TBS Introduces the 2D EYE / May 14, 2018

Tbs 2D Eyes Solution Server Room

TBS introduces a unique iris recognition device called the TBS 2D Eye.

The TBS 2D Eye is a revolutionary combination of iris algorithm and face detection designed for high security and multifunctionality at point of access. The sensor captures the iris of both eyes while the face sensor is used…

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Review: Intersec 2018 / Jan 31, 2018

tbs intersect fair stand

Intersec 2018 was a full success with an increase of visitors compared to last year. Our booth presented comprehensive TBS solutions and products to over 400 visitors in our stylish environment signature. One of our focus were our new and upcoming products, 2D+ TERMINAL HEAVY DUTY and 2D EYE, which will be available by the end of the first quarter of…

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TBS devices differentiate twins / Nov 11, 2017

TBS had the pleasure to welcome SRF – Swiss Radio and Television company in Pfaeffikon to demonstrate our latest technology in biometric access control; the 3D FACE facial recognition device, 2D EYE iris recognition device and the infamous 3D TERMINAL touchless fingerprint reader. 

The ingenious combination of advanced technology and a refined algorithm behind every TBS device has been proven over…

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Review: Ifsec 2017 / Jul 03, 2017

tbs ifsec fair stand

Every two years, TBS presents new and innovative solutions at the IFSEC International exhibition in London. In recent years, many providers, including TBS, have successfully transformed biometrics from a niche solution to a thriving industry. Special attention was paid to the new Biometric Cloud Solutions and the celebration of our latest integration in cooperation…

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Review: Intersec 2017 / Feb 02, 2017

tbs intersect fair stand

Intersec 2017 shined a spotlight on emerging technologies. Our booth introduced the comprehensive TBS solution, product and service portfolio to over 300 visitors in a stylish environment. We’d like to say thank you to all our guests, resellers and customers who visited us at Intersec – we’re already looking forward to next year!

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Sheikh Mansour @ TBS booth / Feb 02, 2017


TBS was honored by the visit of His Highness, Sheikh Mansour of Dubai, Head of Civil Defense and Patron of the Intersec. CEO Alex Zarrabi and Business Development Manager Middle East, Marwan Rouini were privileged to demonstrate the practicality and functionality of the elegantly designed 3D Terminal and spoke about the current TBS installations within the Ministry…

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tbs ceo

Get your insight into a real Swiss biometric success story: In conversation with Insights Success, our CEO Alex Zarrabi speaks about TBS’ beginnings, current innovations and future plans.

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Collaboration with Celgene / Jan 15, 2017

celgene headquarters ©celgene

High-tech, hygiene and 100 percent control: To secure their European research laboratories, the international pharmaceutical company Celgene relies on biometric terminals from TBS.

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Partnership with SETS / Nov 24, 2016

partnership with sets

We're happy to announce our strategic partnership agreement with SETS, the leading provider of Human Resources Management System (HRMS). More information about the partnership can be found in Bob’s Guide’s article.

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