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Fire Brigade Brugg: A TBS Collaborative Approach

 / Feb 10, 2021

Fire Brigade Brugg: A TBS Collaborative Approach

Efficient rescue and firefighting are as much about personal dedication and courage as about speed. It is paramount to remove any technical barriers and to provide the right tools for these women and men. With SIBOX, the TBS partner Helbling has created a key deposit featuring unique biometric access for Swiss fire brigades like the one in Brugg.

In Switzerland, fire brigades have access to certain key deposit boxes of buildings within their range of engagement. This is fundamental to enable them to open doors, garages, and other entrances permitting immediate access and proceed to the rescue. Access to the master keys to these key deposits is conversely a security risk. For many years access to such key boxes was protected with a PIN. Though this code is personal it can be, shared and thus it is not possible to control who has access or who can share credentials. Every time someone leaves the fire brigade the PIN code needs to be reset which is very cumbersome due to manual synchronization and communication efforts. Fire brigade Brugg recognized these technical flaws and was quick to address the need for a more reliable system.

The challenge

How to provide secure individualized access to key boxes that are particularly suited to the challenges of firefighters?

The solution

The TBS partner Helbling is a family-owned industrial company active in security technology offering unique patented solutions for several security applications. One of them is SIBOX, a secure integrated key management system. As the leader in key management systems for fire brigades in Switzerland, Helbling develops solutions exactly matching their customer needs. Helbling was looking for an alternative to PIN code systems. Thus the keybox safe Z40 was born, combining a robust case to hold the keys with a fingerprint reader connected to a user database in the cloud.

This solution demonstrates an important aspect of TBS devices: flexibility. It was possible to build a solution where a small reliable biometric device was installed in the tight space of a fire brigade vehicle’s middle console. The 2D MINI was the perfect ID validation to replace the generic PIN with a user-specific biometric identification. To avoid having to install a biometric server in each vehicle, the 2D MINI connects to the BioManager server in the cloud via a secure WiFi network anytime the vehicle is in the garage. This setup makes it easy to manage users from a central point and change access rights anytime. 2D MINI can also be directly managed through a mobile phone application.

Fire brigade Brugg has now a very secure key management system with eight 2D MINI integrated into SIBOX Z40 and connected to TBS BioManager Cloud via Wifi. Using fingerprints to grant key box access only to authorized persons in the words of Helbling is “easy to use, quick, reliable. There is no need for PIN codes anymore. Overall, the perfect solution.”

If you would like to understand how a biometric integrated access control solution could help you meet your business needs, please get in touch. One of our experienced experts will be glad to support you in finding the best solution.

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