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 / Oct 02, 2019

Integrated Security - TBS Biometrics

The Power of Integrated Security

Security is high on the list of priorities for every organisation. In today’s modern and interconnected world, clients demand seamless integration to manage everything from door access control, CCTV and asset management to biometric identification, video analytics and vehicle identification.

There are thousands of vendors worldwide all offering different solutions. When it comes to integrated security, it is critical that systems work seamlessly together.


Technology moves at a rapid rate. The security market is one of the most expanding market sectors in the world. Every day new companies are formed and new products are launched. While innovation and competition is something that should be encouraged, it also presents risks for end-users when selecting which vendor to use. Industry experts not only have proven, reliable solutions, they also know how to use their technology in order to solve clients’ problems. The very best in the industry also know how their systems should interact with other applications to provide the best possible results for their clients.

The Security Integration Forum 2019

TBS and Nedap have partnered to host the first Security Integration Forum on 7th October 2019 in Dubai. The forum will provide an excellent opportunity for end-users, integrators and consultants to experience first-hand, best-of-breed security integration. Security industry experts will be presenting their technologies and discussing current and future market trends. This event will provide an exciting platform for networking and identifying future partnerships and collaborations.

Security Integration Forum 2019

How to Register for the Event

If you are interested in attending the Security Integration Forum or would like to receive more information, please go to

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